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Cutting machines

Cutting machines

Cutting machines

  • Precision cut of medicinal plants, aromatic herbs, dehydrated vegetable, tobacco etc
  • Processing of leaves, barks, roots, blossoms or whole plants.


Strip-cut: from 0,5 to 22,0 mm sample 1, 2)
Square-cut: from 2,0 x 2,0 mm to 15,0 x 15,0 mm sample 1, 2, 3)
Rectangle-cut: wide range of sizes sample 1)



  • The product is fed forward step-by-step. After being carefully
    compressed by five press-rolls it steps out of the mouth.
  • In front of the mouth the knives move up and down on an elliptic line. This movement is synchronised to the feed intervals of the product:
    • Knives go down (close to the mouth)
      -> cut (stop of product)
    • Knives go up (distance to the mouth)
      -> feed of product
  • In accordance with the adjusted cut-sizes the compacted product outwards the mouth is cut into uniform pieces.


  • Very precise and homogeneous size of cut-product. No fictional heat of raw material.
  • The cut-product contains nearly no powder -> no losses.
  • Easy processing, even of long, elastic and fibrous raw-material.
  • Heavy duty design and mechanical simplicity -> durability and longest service life.
  • Economic, quiet operation.
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